Burial Services

There are different services that you can choose for a loved one’s burial, depending upon your individual needs and preferences.

Mausoleum Entombment

There are two different types of mausoleum entombment: chapel mausoleum (indoors) and garden mausoleum (outdoors).

The interior of the mausoleum chapel provides warmth and comfort to those paying respect and there is truly a feeling of peace and beauty. The chapel mausoleum is very modern and yet historical and you have a combination of both comfort to the living and dignity with honor for the remembered.

The garden mausoleum has crypts that are shaded and protected by patio roof extensions. You combine the beauty of nature with mausoleum entombment. When garden crypts are used, chapel services may be held inside the chapel mausoleum in the event of adverse weather.

Traditional ground burial

When you buy cemetery property, what you are really buying is a burial right. In most of our cemeteries, a single plot actually contains two burial rights, so that two people can be laid to rest there (one above the other). This is called a companion space. All ground burials require a rigid outer container (grave box or vault) to place the casket in. There are spaces available for both flat and upright markers.

Ground Crypt Burial

Lawn crypts are constructed of reinforced concrete and permanently installed ahead of time at today’s concrete and labor costs. The savings are passed on to you. For companion spaces, a double depth lawn crypt is used.

Niche Entombment

If cremation is what you are considering, memorialization can take place either in a niche bank, mausoleum columbarium or urn garden. Glass front niches are available and allow the family to tell more of a story.

Cremation Inurnment

The cremated remains can be buried in the ground or placed in a boulder, pillar or bench.

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